3/11/2021 Funding Update: $918,238,535 available

For Information, Call Toll-Free or Email:

1-833-9TX-RENT • 1-833-989-7368 • info@texasrentrelief.com

Monday-Saturday • 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. CST • Help is available in multiple languages.

Program Documents

Persons that can complete the application online or over the phone should do so and should not complete these forms. These forms are meant to be used by tenants who are not able to apply online or as reference documents so landlords, tenants, and utility providers can understand what they must agree to when choosing to participate in the program.

Program Changes Landlord Checklist Tenant Checklist Landlord Certification Tenant Certification Tenant Application and Certification Form Utility Provider Certification IRS W-9 Form Appeal Form